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-Bidhur Dhakal After the development of the media there starts the responsibility of it. Media used to transmit information to the mass in according to their interest. It is important that, what the important is? Media responsibility defer in form of the social and political institutions of the nation that exist.    The term media theory […]

Rojina Manandhar (2)

-Rojina Manandhar Abstract A holistic approach for Structured Self Work was developed in order to see the performance in personal and professional development of the mental health professionals. 12 participants who work in the mental health sector in Kathmandu participated. The professionals are the psychologists and professional counselors. The study was carried out to observe […]

– Dhurba K Deep Bhimsen, one of the great heroes of Mahabharata, is very popular in Nepal. He is known for his strength and bravery. Mahabharata tells us how he has always pushed himself in front to fight the wicked away and protect the weak. It is said that one of his arms alone had […]