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Kathmandu, Nov. 13: The Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) has urged all political parties and groups not to organizes banda.

The FNCCI has organized a rally to defy the strike stating that frequent Nepal banda has hampered the business and industry and people’s daily life was troubled.

At a banda protest assembly organized by ‘Peace Dialogue Coordination Committee’ of the FNCCI here today, President of FNCCI, Suraj Vaidya, stressed that Nepal banda (shut down) should be closed forever, saying the bandas to be organised for fulfilling political interest are not good for anybody.

Vaidya said that political parties have been involved in fulfilling their selfish interests by organising bandas and added that such activities hamper the country and paralise the economic sector.

He also urged the CPN-Maoist and the front associated with the party to be present itself in a peaceful manner by withdrawing the banda immediately.

Similarly, Vice-President of FNCCI, Bhaskarraj Rajkarnikar, said that the CPN-Maoist has put people in trouble by organizing banda at a time when the election fever has gripped the country.

He added that such bandas and strikes would not be acceptable even if such activities were carried out even with any good purpose.